Poll: Bench or play Miami players?

One of the hot topics on Tuesday’s chat was whether Miami should bench any or all of the 15 athletes who are currently under investigation for accepting alleged improper benefits? Or should first-year coach Al Golden proceed as planned until otherwise notified by the university or NCAA that a specific rule or rules have been broken?

My take?

Bench 'em. All of 'em.

It’s not worth the risk, nor would the reward be as great if later down the road it was deemed that games were won with ineligible athletes.

The vibe I got from the chat, though, is that I’m in the minority. A lot of fans think the NCAA’s vacation of wins is a meaningless penalty. I agree, to a certain extent. Check out this excerpt from Tuesday’s chat:

Brian (Orlando)

In your opinion would you rather the Miami 12 (15?) play this season and vacate the wins later, or would you prefer they all sit out the season. As a Canes fan I say play 'em all and deal with the repricussions later.

Brian (NYC)

I say play them (Canes). I'd rather vacate 10 wins than only earn 3.

Michael (Winder, GA)

I am sure GT fans wish that one player in particular sat for a game. There is no excuse to allow susceptible players play. They must sit!

What say you? Cast your vote now.