Final: Richmond 23, Duke 21

I have no choice but to write this for a third straight year: The ACC lost to an FCS program. Again.

There were plenty of reasons, but in the end, three things that will be remembered from the Duke Blue Devils' 23-21 loss to the Richmond Spiders this season are a missed chip shot field goal from one of the country's best kickers, two lost fumbles, and poor clock management at the end of the first half and the end of the game.

I heard it from ACC fans on Twitter over and over:

"It's Duke."

"It's not as bad as Virginia Tech's loss to JMU."

"It's Duke."

I'm not buying it. This is David Cutcliffe's fourth season. Richmond just lost its head coach. Duke should have been the better, more prepared team. The days of the "Duke being Duke" excuse are old and tired. They're over in my book, and you know what? I bet Cutcliffe would say the same. Duke fans should expect more. They should expect a bowl win this season and a 3-1 nonconference record.

Not at this rate, though.

Duke looked like the same old Duke.

And that's a problem, not an excuse, for Duke and the ACC.