Friday mailblog: MT over GT??!!!

There is not enough space on the Internet for the Georgia Tech fans who are seething over my upset pick of Middle Tennessee.

GTfaithful in Atlanta GA writes: I hope you keep picking against Georgia Tech because they always seem to win when you pick against them. On a more serious note, I think Tech is gonna absolutely cream MT this weekend...This is not the Georgia Tech of 2010.

HD: No, it's not, but I don't think people are giving Middle Tennessee enough credit. We'll see what happens, but I'm sticking with my pick. And for all of the Georgia Tech fans who keep bringing up my 2009 picks, you fail to mention the most important pick I got wrong that year. I picked Georgia Tech to win the Orange Bowl.

Chris in Atlanta writes: I finally thought you were warming up to the Yellow Jackets moving them up from 9th to 5th in your weekly rankings and then the predictions come out. Middle Tennessee State is NOT going to upset the ramblin wreck. Last year we lost to Kansas and I think the players still have that taste in their mouths. The only way Middle Tennessee could upset Georgia Tech is if we overlook them which is NOT going to happen.

HD: Or if they fumble the ball six times.

Todd Freeman in Wake Forest, N.C., writes: In UNC's first game they seemed to be able to put aside all the off field issues. If they are able to continue that don't you think they have to be considered a favorite for the the Coastal Division? Bernard is starting to live out his potential. Renner is showing his promise, and the defensive secondary is getting guys back. It should make for a very competitive division race.

HD: No question about it, Todd. I was very impressed with Bryn Renner in that debut, and they showed no signs of a hangover from all of the troubling off-field news. Those, to me, were the two biggest indicators that UNC should still be considered a contender in the Coastal this year.

Jonathan in Hillsborough, N.C., writes: Hey Heather, So after the UNC v JMU game I have to ask, why was everyone so concerned for UNC's running game? Even with hunter furr gone we still have great backs. Houston looked fantastic, up to par with where he's always been, and anyone who's played the NCAA football video game series knows that Bernard is a great back! So...why the concern?

HD: LOL, yes, if he's a winner on the video game it must translate to the field, right? I think it was a legitimate concern, and still is to a point. There wasn't a lot of depth or experience at the position. They had to replace three tailbacks who accounted for 96 percent of last year's rushing game. I'd say that's cause for concern until proven otherwise. And Ryan Houston hadn't played for a whole year. How he looked in a new, more prominent role would be a question. So far, so good.

Billy in McDonough, Ga., writes: With all the talk of SEC expantion I was wondering about the ACC. Add ND. WV, East Carolina and South or Central Fla and now the ACC is a super conf. With that said have you heard of any talk of ACC expantion?

HD: It's all speculation at this point, but the athletic directors are definitely talking about possible scenarios and options. So much of it is a wait-and-see game. As of right now -- right this very second as I type -- the ACC remains happy with its 12 members. Nobody has heard from the SEC. Change, though, given what's going on throughout the rest of the country, isn't such a farfetched scenario anymore.

Cameron in Yalaha, Fla., writes: Hey HD, First I want to state I am the first person (and probably the only one) from Yalaha, Florida to ask a question to the Heather Dinich! Anyways, how long until we will know Miami's punishment in this Nevin Shapiro scandal?

HD: I am honored. Only about 1,816 more people to go and we'll get your whole town in the ACC blog. Way to start it off. Anyway, I expect it to be at least a year, much like what UNC is going through. I'd be really surprised if it were wrapped up in Al Golden's first season.

Mike in Leesburg writes: Ugghhhhh...you did it again...you picked VT to win in an upset situation. We're doomed. ;-)

HD: Yep. Probably. Sorry.