Friday mailblog

Step into my office. It has moved to Florida for a few days.

Dalton Railey in Camden, S.C., writes: Do you think Clemson will win the ACC this year?

HD: Not if they continue to play the way they did in the first two games. Yeah, I know, they won, but a lot of those mistakes, missed tackles and line play won't fly against Florida State.

Michael Criswell in Tallahassee, Fla., writes: Hey HD, this has nothing to do with the ACC but I wanted to get your opinion....Why do all the reporters for ESPN keep saying that teams such as Boise St. should be in the Championship? They play one big game a year at the beginning of the season and then NOBODY. Any team can prepare for the one and only big game, but its the teams that have to play those big games week in and week out that deserve it. I mean, if you put Boise St. in the SEC, they may be a 8-5 team...MAYBE...even in the acc, they are still probably a 9 to 10 win team and I think I am being nice with that many....please don't tell me you have jumped on that bandwagon?

HD: It has a lot to do with the ACC, because Boise is the most likely team to take the extra at-large BCS bid the ACC has been looking for if there were two teams in position to go to BCS bowls like FSU and Virginia Tech. To answer your question, though, first of all, I think my colleagues have different opinions on Boise's true strength, but overall everyone seems to agree they've proven themselves as a legitimate opponent. However, I agree, that even if Boise were in the ACC as compared to the SEC, it would not go undefeated. I respect Boise State and what it has done, no doubt. I just don't think it could keep it up in a BCS conference.

Jaron in Grand Rapids, Mich., writes: Even though I'm from Michigan I'm a fan of the other U of M (University of Miami) How long do you think it will be before the 'Canes turn it around and are not only in the race for ACC championships but in the hunt for National Championships. College football needs Miami to be good again.Side note have you ever thought of doing an ACC Podcast.

HD: I think it will be a long time to be honest with you. I say that because of the possible NCAA sanctions that could be looming and the number of seniors who will be graduating. If Miami was going to make a statement quickly under Al Golden, it had to be done this year. I think they're in for some heavy rebuilding from here on out, most of which has to do with the NCAA investigation.

Charlie in Annapolis, Md., writes: how can you not pick Maryland over WVU?? The uniforms alone should beat them right?!? no but seriously UMD is gonna win...

HD: If it's up to the uniforms, they're in big trouble my friend. No, seriously, I picked WVU for its defense more than anything. I think that will be the difference.

Van in Houston, Texas, writes: Hi Heather,I'm both a Texas fan and a Florida State fan. With all this talk of potential nation-wide conference realignment, I was wondering what you thought about the various scenarios being thrown out there by different media outlets. First, what are the chances that the ACC would consider adding Texas, or any other Big 12 schools, once the Big XII inevitably implodes? Second, although AD Randy Spetman has denied intentions to mull over a move to the SEC, do you think that FSU would reconsider leaving the ACC for the SEC if/when other conferences begin expanding? I would personally like FSU to stay put as well as to see an annual FSU/Texas matchup.... Thanks, and I enjoy the blog!

HD: First, Texas makes no sense to me, other than the fact it's an academic fit, which counts. Second, that doesn't mean I don't think it couldn't happen. At this point, nothing -- and I mean nothing -- would surprise me regarding college football expansion. The odds of FSU going to the SEC seem slim to me, though, and that's because Florida can and would do everything it could to prevent that from happening. And I believe Florida could be that roadblock. I'm the only person adding FSU to the SEC these days.

LifeLongNole in Tallahassee, Fla., writes: (Lunchtime Links) FSU happy in the SEC?? Typo me thinks. ;-)

HD: I don't know if that was a Freudian slip or what. I've made some silly mistakes in my career, but you gotta admit, that one was comical. Whoops. It's been fixed, thanks.

Sam Hollandsworth in Collinsville, Va., writes: Is there any way that Virginia defeats UNC this weekend, and do you think Virginia will make a bowl game this season?

HD: No doubt they have a chance. That was a tough pick to make, but I think UNC is better defensively, and will finally get the takeaway they've been aiming for this season. I also don't see the Tar Heels turning it over five times again, and home field advantage does count. As for the bowl hopes, they're legit, no question, but I still think it's one year too early. The nonconference schedule makes it possible, though, provided they go 4-0, which they should. Wouldn't be a shock by any means to see them in the postseason.