ACC received applications, buyout hiked up

Pitt and Syracuse have submitted formal applications to join the ACC, and the league has heard from at least 10 schools about possible membership, according to a high-ranking ACC official. University presidents have unanimously approved to increase the buyout for ACC schools to leave the conference to $20 million.

“We have been contacted by at least 10 schools in this fluid landscape,” the source said. “We have received letters of application from Pitt and Syracuse.”

The letter of application takes it one step further than having conversations with the league about possible membership, but it's still not clear where the ACC stands on this process. Another factor is the Big East's rules for leaving, which I'm not familiar with. The one thing that is clear is that the ACC's current membership is rock solid. The original cost for schools to leave the ACC was between $10-$13 million, and the approved buyout increase makes it a highly unlikely scenario that any ACC teams defect from the conference.

So you can pretty much squash all of those rumors out there about ACC teams going anywhere anytime soon. Too costly. As for teams joining?

Now that seems like a more likely possibility.