Dream divisions?

I don’t envy the ACC for having to figure out how the additions of Pittsburgh and Syracuse will affect the current alignments of the Atlantic and Coastal Divisions. The current system has its flaws and has been critiqued in the past, but guess what? We’re all used to it now. Most ACC fans know who’s in what division and how the crossover schedules work.

That could change, as expansion is a time to reevaluate the current system.

ACC commissioner John Swofford said this past Sunday that the league hasn’t decided yet if, how or when it might consider realignment, but you and I can get the conversation started.

What’s your ideal scenario for divisions? How important are preserving rivalries like Florida State-Miami and NC State-North Carolina? Would you rename the divisions? North and South?

I don’t know what the right answer is, but I’ll start it off with a suggestion. Feel free to send me yours in my mailbag and I’ll pull out the best and most logical options in a separate post. Who knows, maybe we’ll even put it to a vote.

To me, this is the least complicated option, and one that preserves what the ACC has already established:


NC State

Florida State


Boston College



Wake Forest


North Carolina



Virginia Tech

Georgia Tech