No sense of panic (yet) at BC

Boston College receiver Colin Larmond Jr. said the Eagles need to work on a few little things and execute better, but he wouldn’t go so far as to say something is actually wrong at BC this season.

In looking at the Eagles’ 0-3 start, though, it’s hard to find too many things that have gone right.

“There’s still some positive stuff, as there was last week, but we’re close,” coach Frank Spaziani said. “Like I told the team, ‘We’re still a long ways away to close that little gap,’ and that’s the trick here. We need to close that gap and it’s hard. It’s like a golfer trying to break 80. You can get close, but it takes a lot to get wherever you have to go. That’s where we’re at really.”

BC is hoping it can close that gap this weekend with a home win over FCS opponent UMASS, but with the way things have gone in Chestnut Hill this year -- the ACC’s leading rusher is still sidelined with an injury, there have been missed field goals and extra points and the offensive coordinator took a leave of absence -- nothing is a given.

“I think it’s really frustrating to the whole team,” said linebacker Luke Kuechly. “We put so much work in this past winter and spring and summer, and this isn’t the way we wanted to start it, but we’ve got a good opportunity here this weekend to get that first win.”

Boston College is ranked last in the ACC in seven major statistical categories, including rushing offense, total offense, scoring offense and total defense. Statistically, the Eagles are one of the worst return teams in the country. While the absence of injured star running back Montel Harris has definitely been a factor, he’s not accountable for the struggles in all three phases of the game.

Yes, it’s still early in the season, but this Saturday BC will finish what was supposed to be the easiest part of its schedule. Florida State, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame and Miami -- just to name a few -- are all still waiting.

“Guys aren’t down in the dumps because we know what we can do,” Kuechly said. “We lost five straight games last year and came back, ended up winning five straight. So we know we can do it. We just have to go out there and make it happen.”

There has been no players-only meeting, no dramatic come-together turning point and no real reflection on last season, when the Eagles rebounded in the second half of the season with five straight wins to reach the postseason.

Simply put, nobody is panicking.

“We’ve had three losses, but you can’t expect to win every game and go through the season perfect,” Kuechly said. “That’s obviously not realistic. Morale is fine. Our heads are still up high. No one is sad. We’re all disappointed we’re 0-3, no one is happy about it, but nobody is moping around with sad faces because we’re 0-3.”

Nobody except BC’s fans.