Friday mailblog

Virginia Tech fans are aghast at the fact I picked the Hokies to lose this weekend. I told you, if they win, I'll give them the credit for it.

GT in Atlanta writes: You sit up here and pick Clemson over VT this weekend and VT is at home, Plays better defense, pass and run, and run's the ball better yet you pick Clemson? Better running game and better defense and at home......you obviously do not know football that well

HD: What's football? Florida State had the better defense, too.

Mac in Blacksburg, Va., writes: Hey Heather, I completely respect your pick on VT and Clemson this weekend, except for it is a night game at Lane Stadium. If it were a 12:00 kickoff maybe your prediction would be right, but mark my words when Clemson comes into the terror dome, they won't know what hit em'.

HD: You make a great point, Mac. The environment in Lane Stadium at night is a true intangible in favor of the Hokies. You could be absolutely right. It's a heckuva first road game for Clemson's young players. Like Kevin Steele said, they've got to grow up quickly this week.

Kevin Evans in Rocky Mount, Va., writes: If the acc decides to expand again, after the whole Syracuse/ Pittsburgh addition, is it likely they'll look beyond the Big East, and beyond Notre Dame? if so, who do you think they would be looking at? and do you think Virginia Tech will try to leave for the SEC if they were invited, even if the ACC remained the way it is now? Thanks

HD: If the ACC were to expand again, I'm sure they'd look at the best available options with academics continuing to be a priority. The Big East makes the most sense, and if Notre Dame was serious about joining, I would think it would be hard for the ACC to turn down. So to answer your question, my guess is that they start with the Big East and Notre Dame first. As for the Hokies, I would think the SEC wants them to make the first contact and express interest. That would be a very bold move on Virginia Tech's part. It's not unrealistic, but I don't see it happening.

Matt in Greenville, SC, writes: Hi Heather...can you really call Clemson beating VT an upset? One has beaten two ranked teams, the other hasn't beaten anyone substantial. If the rankings began after 4 games, like they should, most people would have Clemson ranked higher, right?

HD: Until the BCS standings come out, ESPN.com uses the Associated Press rankings. In my top 25 this week, though, it would not be an upset.

Tom D in Moyock, N.C., writes: How hot is the coaching seat of Tom O'Brien? Nice guy, but can't recruit and at least seems to be as uninspiring as any coach i've seen lately. He's had 5 years to create some depth and it has just not worked out. He has stocked up on 0, 1, 2, and a few 3 star players and that will never compete with VT, Clem., Fla. St., nor most of the other teams in the ACC. these are hard times for the wolfpack fans.

HD: I don't know, Tom, I think it's still a bit too early in the season to go there. Let's see what the Wolfpack does against Georgia Tech (or doesn't do). Some factors worth considering: Last year was the perfect example of what O'Brien can do with a healthy roster; I'm pretty sure he got a raise after last season; His contract goes to 2015; His new boss, AD Debbie Yow, didn't fire Ralph Friedgen after a 2-10 season. I don't disagree that he's under pressure to win right now, NC State's recruiting hasn't been stellar, and his seat will be hot if they don't get to a bowl game. Just how hot, though, depends on some of those factors.

Kenny in Washington DC writes: Sup Heather!U think the ACC can lure Penn St & Notre Dame to get to 16, I am thinking they almost have to include WVA to upgrade football, academics would have to take a backseat...

HD: Notre Dame seems more likely than Penn State, but as for West Virginia, academics are too important to the ACC to "take a backseat."