Frank Spaziani talks problems, progress

Boston College is 1-4 overall and 0-2 in ACC play heading into Saturday’s game at undefeated Clemson, and considering how much the Eagles have struggled this season, the road trip looks pretty grim.

Earlier, during today’s weekly ACC coaches’ teleconference, I asked coach Frank Spaziani if he could explain the root of the Eagles’ problems this season.

“We are who we are and we never have excuses,” Spaziani said. “We have a leadership issue, we have very few upperclass seniors on the team, we’ve had the ones who were upperclass are injured and hurt. We’ve had guys in and out of the lineup and an inconsistency in our practice schedules that has shown up and manifested itself in a game. Once again they are realities and nothing we didn’t expect.”

Spaziani said he and the staff evaluated the team in the preseason, and, with the exception of the injuries, knew what they had – or rather, what they didn’t. Maybe the staff knew it would be a rough year, but I have a hard time imagining that those within the program were expecting such an abysmal start.

“We knew we had to play different coming in in some ways and as things have unfolded, we haven’t quite met the challenge doing that,” Spaziani said. “We understand we have to make some adjustments. I think I was quite forthcoming with what we needed to get out of certain people and how we had to play and what our role would be as coaches in putting guys in the right position.”

Unfortunately for BC, the toughest part of the season is only beginning. The Eagles are still looking for their first ACC victory, but Spaziani was adamant in his assertion that he has seen progress.

“We are getting better, let me just say that,” he said. “The record is what it is, but there’s improvement. Young players who are playing are getting better. The players are working hard. There’s a tremendous attitude and we’ll go one game at a time.”