Update on Terps' Gonnella

Maryland senior left guard Andrew Gonnella returned to campus on Monday night from an Atlanta hospital, but he returned to a local hospital with a blood clot on Tuesday night. Gonnella suffered a severe knee injury on Saturday.

"They got that taken care of," Maryland coach Randy Edsall said of the clot. "He's one of those guys, who's just, he's here in my office yesterday and he's finding a way to see how he can get out on the field and play. I told our doctors last night, around 12:30 in the morning, 'Doc, we've gotta do something here to keep him off his feet because he's just so high-strung and he's a guy who just loves to play the game.' They might keep him in the hospital just a little bit longer. His spirits are good, everything else is good. He's going to have surgery that's going to be upcoming here, so he's going to need a lot of support from all of us."