Friday mailblog

Casual Friday in my office. See you in Death Valley tomorrow?

Nick C in Blacksburg Va., writes: Heather, David Wilson ranks among the top in most of the RB categories. That, combined with the unbelievable plays of dragging 3 defenders and somersaulting over tacklers along with other plays the stats don't show you, makes me believe he is one of the top running backs in the country. Put him behind any other offensive line apart from vt's and he's a heisman contender. Thoughts?

HD: You mean like Wisconsin's? I had David Wilson on my Heisman watch post earlier this week, and that's because I agree with you that he is one of the best I've seen. I'll be honest, though, I'm having a hard time deciding who is better -- Wilson or Miami's Lamar Miller? When they played head-to-head, I thought Miller was the guy. Other weeks, I think Wilson is the guy. The good news? The ACC has two of the best.

Nick in Boston writes: Both Mark Herzlich and Luke Kuechley are great linebackers, but in your opinion is one more valuable or have a greater impact on a game than the other? And is Kuechley good enough to step in and start right away at the NFL level?

HD: What Kuechly is doing is impressive, but I don't think you can measure the impact Herzlich had as an inspiration not only to his teammates, but to people all over the country. Herzlich's story is amazing, but so are Kuechly's accomplishments on an entirely different level. Who knows what Herzlich would have done on the field had his career not been derailed by cancer. I honestly don't think it's fair to compare them, so I'll stop there. As for Kuechly and the NFL, our experts have him as a first-round draft pick, so I'd say he's that good.

Chris in Hopatcong, N.J., writes: Now I agree with Miami's suspension of Regis for the below the belt punch. Unfortunately Miami seems to be in the minority with the suspension of a player for an on the field act. This could be a big loss for the GT game, but do you think Miami is being too proactive with the suspension because of all the NCAA investigations currently taking place against the school?

HD: No! Miami would have gotten publicly lambasted if Al Golden would have let that slide, including here in this space. It's all over the internet, there's no hiding it, and it has nothing to do with the NCAA investigation and everything to do with how Miami is portrayed under Golden.

Chris in Tyler, Texas, writes: How long does it take for Al Groh to no longer be considered a defensive "genius" and be treated like every other ACC head coach washout?

HD: I have no problem sticking up for Groh. No, he's not the easiest guy to talk to or get to know, but he does know the game very well, is very knowledgable, and has the respect of his peers. Remember, it's not the Xs and the Os, it's the Jimmy's and the Joe's. Was he the best head coach? No, but that had nothing to do with his defensive knowledge.

Paul in Sumter, S.C., writes: I liked your article on Sammy Watkins. He, along with other unkowns a year ago, have really surprise TigerNation. What are your thoughts on his name being added to the Heisman watch list?

HD: I can tell you that Big East blogger Andrea Adelson informed me on Thursday, actually, that she was the one who voted for him. If she does it again, I'll get her to give you her reasoning behind it next week. I think it's a legit pick. He IS one of the best players in the country right now.