Tajh Boyd's NFL potential

In only his first season as a starter, Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd has proven worthy of Heisman consideration.

How will his skills translate, though, in the NFL?

Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. wrote that Boyd doesn't project as an early-round pick right now for several reasons. This is Insider content, but I'll give you a sneak preview:

For starters, his inexperience shows up on film. He will lock on to his primary receiver and is still learning to read defenses. He telegraphed a throw that was picked off by Hokies CB Jayron Hosley, and he failed to see a linebacker in underneath coverage on a throw that North Carolina should have picked off.

Secondly, Boyd can zip the ball downfield but his touch on deeper throws is inconsistent, particularly outside the hashes. He also needs to work on his timing and anticipation.

The good news for Boyd is that this is only his first season as a starter, so he's only going to get better. There is still plenty of time for him to play his way into the early rounds of the NFL draft.