Notre Dame and the ACC

Gene Wojciechowski, the senior national columnist for ESPN.com, tackled the ACC's reported flirtations with Notre Dame in his latest column:

So now the ACC is just waiting for the paperwork from Notre Dame and we're good to go, right?

Not exactly. But the ACC, which is getting a major blood transfusion from Big East defectors, remains the leader in the Notre Dame clubhouse -- if the Irish decide to give up their precious indie status.

The ACC will continue to do its expansion dance with UConn and Rutgers as the conference's 15th and 16th teams, but Notre Dame is its obvious prime target. Then UConnand Rutgers would have a death-cage match for the remaining ACC spot.

The ACC hasn't and won't release any official word on this, but obviously adding Notre Dame would be a major boost for the ACC. Just how realistic the possibility is right now, though, is tough to gauge. There's too much speculation and not enough information. ACC fans will get their fill of the Irish this season, though, as Wake Forest, Boston College and Maryland will all play against Notre Dame in November. I've already predicted an 0-3 record against the Irish. Good fit? We'll see.