Grobe: Deacs must 'play above our heads'

Wake Forest and Notre Dame both enter Saturday's game with 5-3 records, but if you listen to Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe, one of the most candid coaches in the ACC, there might be a little bit more separation between the two programs than their records indicate.

Translated: This is Notre Dame. And it's coming to the smallest school in the BCS.

"With Notre Dame, we're going to have to play above our heads to have a chance to beat these guys," Grobe said.

That's not a knock on his team by any means -- Grobe thinks Wake Forest can win, and he's right -- it can. But with a team as talented and as confident as Notre Dame, there is no margin for error. Five turnovers like Wake had last week against UNC and the Deacs are toast. The good news for Wake Forest fans? This isn't unfamiliar territory to Wake Forest, which beat Florida State earlier this year.

"They really look like they're starting to hit their stride right now and playing great football," Grobe said of the Irish. "I think from a talent perspective is more what I'm talking about. We always feel like we can win. We had to play above our heads to beat Florida State. That's not something that our kids are not familiar with. We play really, really good teams. For us to have a chance to win, we've got to play good, good football. The disappointing thing for us is I think we had to do it last week and didn't do it against Carolina.

"This is just another one of those teams that's got enough talent that if you don't play well, you're not going to have a chance."