Statement from Clemson defensive coordinator

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Since we talked about Vic Koenning's little Alabama joke on the College Football Insiders segment today, I wanted to make sure this got out there. It's Koenning's statement following his meant-to-be-a-joke about seeing Julio Jones and B.J. Scott getting out of Escalades.

"Comments I made to local reporters after practice Monday night regarding Alabama's recruiting were said in a joking manner among other jovial comments. The article in The State newspapers refers to that in its last line.

If anyone associated with the University of Alabama took offense to what was stated then I apologize and I am sorry I made the statement. I do not make it a practice of worrying about other programs' recruiting, and I have never had any problems with Alabama's recruiting practices."

As if there wasn't enough drama to go with this game. I'm in Atlanta now, and there are already banners flying on the streets promoting it.