Mailblog -- I don't cover anyone's team!

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

ATLANTA, Ga. -- That's right, I'm here. But not to write about Georgia Tech, according to Ben in Atlanta:

Ben writes: Do you hate Georgia Tech? If I'm not mistaken, I thought I read that you are in Atlanta right now, and all I see on your blog are stories about Virginia, Clemson, Virginia Tech, et al. What gives? Are you scared of Paul Johnson like the rest of the ACC?

Heather Dinich: Well, Ben, I talked to Paul Johnson yesterday. Roddy Jones, too. I figured I'd save that for game day. And according to Dave, in Richmond, VA, I'm not writing about Virginia Tech, either.

Dave writes: Sure seems like you are short changing the Hokies in your entries. No question they have been the strength of the league but you seem to be all about the Bowden's and Miami. Myself I think it's time to move on to other sources. Like your style just lacking the content I am looking for and the Hokies have earned. I think we should have a Roll Call vote!!

Heather Dinich: Yeah, I didn't touch that whole quarterback thing this week. Not on TV. Not on the Podcast, and certainly not here. Or here. I guess I should probably answer this question, then, from Keaton, who can't decide if he lives in Richmond or Blacksburg:

Keaton writes: Heather, any insight on what is wrong with Brent Bowden? Punter from VT? Since you have that injury hotline number and all :) by the way, love your blogs..don't listen to arrogant haters, some people just only see things their way.

Heather Dinich: Thanks, Keaton. To answer your question, the only injury on the Hokie Hotline (which is updated on Tuesdays) is that Macho Harris is out of practice with lingering effects from a foot injury. That will be updated again tomorrow. But I need to stop writing about the Hokies and give Wake Forest some more love, according to Chris, in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Chris writes: Hey Heather, Did you know Wake Forest is in the ACC? They even play a game tomorrow at Baylor. I know you cover the whole conference, but even Duke gets more tidbits than the Deacs. How about a Baylor preview? I mean you gave us a glimpse at McLeast St., Baylor has a new coach and a new QB, those could be interesting things to talk about. C'mon show me some love, I am the only WFU fan in Cali and you are my lifeline to ACC info!
Heather Dinich: Chris, man, I hear you on this one, I do. I'm working on it for ya. Check back tomorrow. Wait, wait ... what's this?

Charlotte writes: You are doing a great job, Heather. And thanks for treating Wake as a rated team. Not gushing, but treating them to decent coverage.

Heather Dinich: Why thank you, Charlotte. Now back to Virginia Tech ...

Stafford writes: without Tyrod virginia tech is doomed.It's pretty obvious and i'm only 13

Heather Dinich: Yeah, and you're probably the kid kicking my butt on Guitar Hero, too.

Drew writes: Are you going to try to predict winners?

Heather Dinich: Try is the perfect word for it. And yes, I will. But not before I set this guy straight about Miami ...

Dave writes: Why is it that you only report the negative stuff about the Hurricanes and never the positive stuff. Such things as: 15 out of the 29 seniors have already graduated before the beginning of the season, and how the head coach has rules for his team that he doesn't bend or waver unlike other universities, and how the coaches and players went over seas to visit the us military on their own time. Quit being a hater on the canes.

Heather Dinich: Did it. Ivan did it. We've got you covered. Quit being a hater on the blogga. This guy likes me ...

Evan, in Denver, writes: Heather, in light of a recent comment on your blog from a Duke fan about your supposedly negative coverage of the Blue Devils, I wanted to send a brief note. As a Duke grad that spent four miserable years watching the Devils stink up the ACC (2000-2004; 2 winless seasons) I wanted to say that I appreciate your coverage of Duke football. It's been fair and upbeat and, most importantly, it comes from an easily accessible source (Duke football generally doesn't get a lot publicity on the major sports networks/websites). Your blog has become a daily stop for me and I think this is true of many Duke football fans. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Heather Dinich: You're very welcome. Thanks for reading the blog.

Somebody in Ft. Lauderdale, writes: Do you think the Florida State Seminoles will surprise any of it's ACC foes this coming year?

Heather Dinich: I do, and it could happen as early as Game 3 against Wake Forest. I see this team showing significant improvement in the second half of the season, once these guys figure out what's going on at quarterback.

John in Dallas writes: My alma mater is NC State, and my kids go to the University of North Texas. So although I may be in football hell this year, I will love every minute of it. Coverage of the ACC is non-existent here in the DFW MetroPlex, so thanks to you for the outstanding ACC coverage. Please spread some love to the Wolfpack fans! We may need it!!!!

Heather Dinich: If players keep dropping like flies, you guys will need all the help you can get. I give this team another year or two and if they stay healthy, they'll make the Atlantic Division even stronger.

Scott, in S.C. writes: I have not heard much about UNC when it comes to playmakers but what about BRANDON TATE and HAKEEM NICKS!!! Nicks enters 2008 just 64 receptions shy of Carolina's career mark of 177. Over the last two seasons, Nicks has 113 receptions, which is more than ACC career record holder Desmond Clark of Wake Forest (85) had at this stage of his career. Tate already owns the ACC career record for kickoff return yardage with 2,383 yards. He is the nation's active career leader in kickoff return yards and is on pace to break the NCAA record set by Jeff Liggon of Tulane who had 2,922 kickoff return yards from 1933-96. thanks

Heather Dinich: Oh, people are talking about those guys, don't worry. They're one of the reasons UNC has a shot at the Coastal Division title this year.

Johnson City writes: Sorry Heather, you comments on the best games to watch this season aren't even on the radar...You left out at least 7-12 major games on the schedule including teams such as Georgia, Ohio State, Auburn, LSU, Michigan, USC, Auburn, Tennessee, Oklahoma, etc etc. Get thee to a sports bar and listen up ...You are out of your LEAGUE.

Heather Dinich: Actually, JC, I'm right in my league. It's called the Atlantic Coast Conference, and the people at the last sports bar I was in told me those teams you mention aren't in it.

Of course, I always seem to forget a few teams in the ACC ...