Maryland's Edsall explains comments

On his Sunday teleconference, Maryland coach Randy Edsall compared the dismal situation he is in now to "Connecticut all over again." Some, including myself, took exception to his comparisons, but at his press conference this week, Edsall tried to explain what he meant:

“The problem is that sometimes my quotes can get taken out of context," Edsall said. "What I was saying there was going in to Connecticut there was a team that was 10-2 and coming off going to the D1-AA playoffs for the first time in school history. Expectations were very high with what we were going to do. There were some variables there though. They had lost 25 guys who were very good players. The first year didn’t go so well and that is what I was saying. I was comparing going in there and [having high] expectations and coming in here, not the state of the programs. I came in installed my program, stayed consistent and good things happened.”

Fair enough. Edsall said that he has spoken with Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson and Virginia coach Mike London about what they went through during their first two seasons, and that he anticipates next year being easier than 2011.

“There is no question it will," Edsall said. " ... We are all in the profession and we all understand it. Everyone has a philosophy and a plan of action and you are going to install that plan of action. As you continue you can see the progress. The press and the fans only see what happens on Saturday and they judge us on that, and I understand that. But it is more than just that. It’s a big part of it but there is a lot of progress being made. Talking to the young men you will hear that.”