Friday conversation: Tommy Streeter

Miami receiver Tommy Streeter has had 13 plays of 25 yards or more this season, and he ranks third in the nation with 20.8 yards per catch heading into Saturday’s rivalry game at Florida State. He leads the team with 666 receiving yards and has eight touchdowns. It’s quite a difference from last year’s one-catch season; he entered this season with 156 career yards. I caught up with Streeter earlier this week to get his take on his performance this season:

What has been the biggest difference for you personally from a production standpoint?

Tommy Streeter: I guess the time spent for preparation, the extra reps taken at practice, after practice, extra film studies and meeting with my coaches throughout the day and getting myself ready for game day.

How much has the scheme helped you?

TS: I feel like coach (Jedd) Fisch does a great job of putting the ball in the playmaker’s hands and letting him make the plays. The plays he focuses you on are catered to your specialties and things that you’re good at, opposed to ... it’s basically around your strengths, just putting you in the best possible position to win on that play.

Why do you feel like it’s taken you to this point to have this kind of breakout season?

TS: This all came with all opportunity. With the new coaching staff I was given a new opportunity, and day-in and day-out this offseason I just tried to maximize that opportunity and just get better.

Have you surprised yourself at all?

TS: No, I haven’t surprised myself. I’ve always believed in the ability I have, and I have a strong family that always supported me and let me know I’m a playmaker and kept reassuring my playmaking abilities, but it was just taking that next step and exercising that day in and day out at practice.

How much more fun are you having in this role?

TS: I’m having a lot of fun, just to be with my teammates out there, working hard day-in and day-out is a blessing. These guys have been able to continue to motivate me, and it’s a real family atmosphere.

What’s your overall take on your career at this point? If you were to sum it up in a nutshell, what would you say about it?

TS: I would say it’s not complete yet. This is only the beginning. I feel like each week I get better and I’ll try to continue to do so, finishing out the season.

What are some of the things you are still working on, or the coaches have pointed out, maybe technically, in your game that you’re trying to improve?

TS: Everything, really. Sometimes I look at the way I position my hands, my body position, and the way I position myself to make plays.

Florida State’s defense has been outstanding lately. Do you see any weaknesses you might be able to take advantage of or how you guys match up with them?

TS: Those guys are very outstanding on the defensive side of the ball. They have a lot of talent and athleticism. Those guys swarm to the ball play-in and play-out. They’re very advanced up front, but their linebackers and secondary are physical as well and they transition well into coverage.

How big is this game for you because it is Florida State?

TS: This is a huge game, but you continue to keep the mindset in preparation for any other game. You can’t let the game consume you or the rivalry consume you. You have to take the same approach and treat it like every other game, not let everything surrounding you overwhelm you to the point where your focus is lost.