VT looking to get Wilson more involved

NEW ORLEANS -- Virginia Tech running back David Wilson was pretty outspoken after the ACC championship game about his lack of carries in the 38-10 loss to Clemson. He was held to 32 yards on 11 carries, both season lows. Following that game, he questioned the staff's play calling.

As it turns out, the staff didn't disagree much with him.

Virginia Tech offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring said the staff needed to do a better job of getting him involved, and that they'll make it a priority against Michigan.

"Obviously when you have someone like David, you want to get the ball in his hands," Stinespring said. "We didn't do a very good job early in the game of doing it. We came out and probably put a lot of run pass checks in early in the play calling, which really gets back to how the defense aligns itself and engage our play calling from that. And obviously Clemson was by their alignment and what they were going to do was try to overload the box or get more people involved in the run game. And therefore we were probably getting into some more passes instead of just lining up and calling some runs.

"Then when we tried to throw a couple of screens to get him involved early, they did a great job of defending it. So we probably needed to force the ball into his hands a couple more times early on, regardless of the situation. So we just needed to do a better job of getting him involved."

And Michigan's No. 1 priority will be limiting him.

"That's what coach [Greg] Mattison and coach [Brady] Hoke want," said linebacker Kenny Demens. "They want us to be run stoppers first. Stop the run and then the pass. If you stop the run, you are more prone to win that game."