BCS restrictions fuel matchup issues

NEW ORLEANS -- It's time to give the BCS bowls more freedom, not less.

Yes, you read that right. More freedom. Take the shackles off of the at-large selection process. Eliminate the two-teams-per-conference limit in the big bowls. While we're at it, DQ the AQ.

Otherwise, everyone needs to start accepting matchups like Virginia Tech-Michigan, the widely panned pairing in Tuesday night's Allstate Sugar Bowl. There are many reasons why the Sugar Bowl went with the Hokies and Wolverines, two at-large teams not ranked in the top 10, rather than No. 7 Boise State or No. 8 Kansas State.

Most of the reasons will never be accepted by those who love college football. Most of the reasons also aren't changing. BCS bowls make it pretty clear who they are, even as the outside world demands them to become something they'll never be.