Giving the ACC too much credit?

It's possible that I may have -- ahem -- possibly (cough, cough) given the ACC too much credit this bowl season.

Yes, me, the one you guys are always saying never gives the ACC enough credit.

Well I was trapped. Duped. Lured into believing that Georgia Tech could handle Utah. Fooled into thinking that Virginia stood a chance against Auburn and that Wake Forest could surprise Mississippi State. Convinced that Clemson by God could beat West Virginia.

Silly me.

I projected a 6-2 bowl record this year, with losses by Virginia Tech and North Carolina. Turns out it was 2-6. HD KOD? Possibly. Typical ACC? More likely. But here's the thing, guys: Those predictions -- that's what you should have expected. That's what you should continue to expect. Georgia Tech should not have blown a 14-point lead. Wake Forest should not have lost when winning the turnover battle 4-0. Those two games right there flip and suddenly at the very worst the ACC is looking at a 4-4 bowl record.

It's easy, though, to give the ACC too much credit. It happens almost every preseason.

Florida State, Clemson and Miami always load up on big-time recruits. NC State has developed a reputation for finishing the season strong under coach Tom O'Brien. Virginia Tech is always expected to be a contender. There are plenty of reasons to keep the expectations high.

Maybe it's not a matter of giving the league too much credit, rather it's a problem with the league failing to reach its potential.