ACC's official officiating numbers

Doug Rhoads, ACC coordinator of football officiating, sent me the year-end numbers for the league's instant replay in 2011. In regards to Virginia Tech receiver Danny Coale's non-touchdown catch in overtime against Michigan in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, Rhoads said the Pac-12's official response to his inquiry was that their replay official had one view that showed the ball touched the ground.

Rhoads' official statement was, "After my review of the play, I did not see any indisputable video evidence to overturn the call on the field. The philosophy of the NCAA instant replay rules are based on the assumption the call on the field is correct — and it can be changed only upon the high standard of INDISPUTABLE VIDEO EVIDENCE.”

Here are the official numbers for instant replay in the ACC:

Games: 83

Games with no stoppages: 10

Plays reviewed with stoppage: 176 ( down 39 from last season)

Plays reversed: 46 (25%)

Coaches' challenges: 16

Successful coaches' challenges: 3

Average review time: 1:20

Average game length: 3 hours, 11 minutes

Breakdown of plays reviewed by type of play:

• Catch/No Catch (36%)

• Scoring play (24%)

• Fumble/No Fumble (13%)

(Note: Rhoads said 73% of all stoppages are the three aforementioned types of plays — this has been true for all six seasons of replay nationally — obviously these are the most difficult plays for officials.)