The truth behind recruiting and a prediction

In ESPN The Magazine's "Recruiting Confidential," 45 prospects from the ESPNU 150 dish on what it's really like to be a high-profile recruit.

Pretty girls to show you around? You betchya.

Feeling stalked? No doubt.

Drugs and alcohol available? "If anybody tells you that stuff isn't around, they're lying."

ESPN The Magazine protected the identities of the players who were willing to share the truth, and they answered nine questions most of us have probably wondered about.

Also in The Magazine, the experts at ESPN RecruitingNation predicted future award winners from this year's class, and Florida State could have the 2015 Lombardi Award winner on its roster in defensive end Mario Edwards. An excerpt:

Edwards (6'4", 297) is a pass-rush threat but could transition into a blck-eating DT. "The most technically sound and dominant player of 2012," says RN national recruiting director Tom Luginbill.