Ryan McGee: The other side of signing day

ESPN The Magazine's Ryan McGee went behind the scenes with David Cutcliffe on Wednesday and wrote a great piece on what it has been like for Duke's staff to compile its 2012 recruiting class.

The Blue Devils aren't going to get the same national attention as Florida State, but that doesn't mean Cutcliffe's staff isn't working just as hard, if not harder, at bringing in the right players. Here's an excerpt from McGee's story:

The coaching staff at Duke, winners of six games over the last two years and no bowl invites since 1995, works just as hard, arguably harder, than the schools who dominate the headlines on the first Wednesday of February. Head coach David Cutcliffe recalls one recent recruiting trip that went Durham to Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Denver to Dallas to Raleigh, followed by a 450-mile drive the next morning and then trips to West Virginia, Ohio and Tennessee ... and watching game film on his iPad anytime he was able to sit down.

"This is Ricky Bobby Day", says head coach David Cutcliffe, starting his fifth season in Durham with a cardio workout and breakfast, all the while reading up on his future Blue Devils. "If you ain't first, you're last. But being first isn't about your guys being ranked No. 1 by everybody on February 1st. It's about them being ranked No. 1 in the fall."