Dear NCAA, please hurry ...

Dear NCAA,

On behalf of ACC fans, schools and media members who have grown weary of writing and reading the title, 'NCAA committee on infractions,' I kindly request that you put a stamp on all investigations regarding Georgia Tech, Miami and North Carolina and mail it in. Overnight. Express delivery.


If these cases continue to drag out much longer, ACC fans will know the members of the NCAA's enforcement staff better than their team's starting lineups. Marvin Austin is going to be a veteran in the NFL by the time UNC's decision comes down. Text messaging will be outdated by the time you figure out whether Georgia Tech's latest violation was major or minor. Miami quarterback Jacory Harris will be selling insurance before you determine if the Canes need to suffer through another bowl ban. Heck, the ACC has already expanded by two and figured out the schedule for it while you continue to mull over the Tar Heels' violations of two years ago.

The storylines have grown old. At Miami and North Carolina, two coaches and staffs who had absolutely nothing to do with the previous infractions have taken over and are trying to move on. None of them have any idea what you're doing, yet they all insist they're complying with you. What more do you want? Lunch at the Varsity? Tickets to the UNC-Duke game on Wednesday? VIP access to a South Beach nightclub?

Sorry, no more extra benefits here in the ACC. It learned its lesson. Feel free to close the book on it. Like, yesterday.


The ACC blogger