Friday mailblog

The schedule. Is. Not. Out. Yet. Next question ...

Clemson Chris in Florence, S.C., writes: So after reading your off season spot light am I right to believe that YOU think Clemson goes 7-6 again???? Are you really comparing Cullen Harper to Tahj Boyd??? Seriously??

HD: You better believe Clemson can go 7-6 if that offensive line doesn't come together. Look, my point is this: You can have all of the talent in the world on offense, but if you don't have the guys who can run block and pass protect, they're not going to get very far against defenses like Florida State's. Clemson fans should know that because they've seen it firsthand.

BC in Tallahassee, Fla., writes: Hey Heather, quick question. Is there any word on who may be taking WV's spot on the schedule yet? I've looked and asked around quite a bit, but with no success. Any ideas on who it may be, and if another top tier team like WV may replace them, or is that too much to ask for? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

HD: The only two teams I've seen mentioned were North Texas and Louisiana-Lafayette, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel. I expect we'll know soon because the ACC wants to get the schedule out sooner rather than later, and this is the only holdup. I certainly wouldn't hold my breath for a "top-tier team," not at this late stage in the game. West Virginia really put the Noles -- and the ACC -- in a bind with this one.

Lee webb in Adrian, Ga., writes:Do you think that Tech-Georgia, Clemson-South Carolina, Fsu-Fla. will be moved to earlier in the year?

HD:Great question, considering the new nine-game league format will cut the nonconference schedule back to three games. I haven't heard anything hinting at that change, but I could see why a school would want to do it -- especially Clemson. Did the Tigers get caught looking ahead to the ACC title game each of the past two times they played in it and lost to South Carolina? Florida State didn't, beating rival Florida two years ago. Personally, I'd like to see them stay right where they are. It's an exciting, traditional way to end the season.

Andrew in Charlottesville, Va., writes: With Michael Rocco looking like he will clearly be the starting quarterback for Virginia next season, unlike the two QB system we had for more than half of the 2011 season, do you think he stands a good chance of throwing for 3,000+ next season? I think he proved that he is a quality QB once he got the chance to play uninterrupted games later in the season, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on the matter.

HD: My initial thought is, who's gonna replace Kris Burd? That's one of the big questions for this spring, is who is going to be that dependable, go-to receiver for Virginia. Because they've got their stars returning at running back, will they depend more heavily on the run early in the season? If somebody emerges at receiver, than yes, I do think Rocco could crack 3,000 yards. He threw for 2,671 in his first season as a starter, so why not?

greg sloan in raleigh writes:you clearly don't understand how much info the NCAA must go thru when investigating 9 major violations and it takes even longer when Butch, John blake and others have not cooperated. It's far more important to do a thorough investigation and get the PENALTIES right then to hurry to get it over. THEY MUST BE PUNISHED FOR THEIR ACTIONS!!!!!

HD: Clearly, Greg, I don't understand. I'm not saying they shouldn't be punished. I'm saying do it and get it over with so everyone can move the heck on already.

Daniel Peck in Aiken, S.C., writes: Heather, Regarding the question in last Fridays mailblog about Georgia Tech's recruiting, how do you think it is affected by the type of offense GT runs? If I were a recruit, I would have to think long and hard about going to a program that runs an offense that in almost no way prepares me for ANYTHING I will see if I were to have a chance at the NFL. Like you said, GT inherited some NFL talent; are they really producing much now?

HD: First, let me tell you I spoke with Paul Johnson this week and he said he thinks this could be his best recruiting class yet, and if he were grading it, it would be in the top half of the ACC, which is right where they want to be. As for the system, I disagree about the NFL. If guys are good enough to play at the next level, they will get there, no matter what system they're a part of in college. I truly believe that, and I think Georgia Tech's most recent NFL draft classes have proved that. Now, does it affect recruiting? Maybe if you're a wideout you'd think twice, but otherwise, I think you could really sell one of the nation's top rushing offenses and the ACC's most productive offense to recruits.

Tom in Tallahassee writes:Hey heather, have you heard any recent news on chris thompson? Im just hoping his recovery is going well and i cant find anything on him. Thanks

HD: Hey Tom. A school spokesman actually told me this week that Chris has been cleared for the most part, but will be taking it slow this spring. The coaches don't feel the need to rush him into anything, but it sounds like he'll be back out there in some capacity. Devonta Freeman will be the main man out there, though.