Not so fast on O'Brien and Vanderbilt

When Maryland announced this morning that former quarterback Danny O'Brien and two other players would be granted a "full release" from the program with "no transfer restrictions," it failed to mention that on Tuesday Maryland filed a formal complaint with the ACC against Vanderbilt alleging improper contact with O'Brien.

The timing of Maryland’s announcement is somewhat perplexing. If Maryland is still hung up on the allegations against Vanderbilt, is O'Brien really free to take an official visit there?

Until the rules are clear, O’Brien’s high school coach, Todd Willert, said neither of them will be talking to Vanderbilt.

“As of right now, we can’t talk to Vanderbilt at all, or we’re not going to because we don’t really know what the whole process is,” Willert said. “We won’t contact Vanderbilt until we’re sure about what’s going on.”

Right now, Vanderbilt isn't sure, either.

“We have been informed by the Southeastern Conference that the Atlantic Coast Conference has filed a formal complaint involving Vanderbilt University football on behalf of one of its members," Vanderbilt chancellor David Williams said in a prepared statement. "We are complying with SEC and Vanderbilt procedures and are conducting an investigation on the matter.”