The ACC's most indispensable QB

This is not about who the best quarterback will be this year in the ACC.

This is about which one is the most indispensable, the most in need of protection -- the guy who absolutely, positively, under no circumstances is allowed to be hit this spring.

It’s about Maryland quarterback C.J. Brown.

He’s all the Terps have left as Maryland prepares to start spring practices on Saturday. There is no other scholarship quarterback on the roster this spring. Brown's don’t-touch-me jersey should be permanently sewn to his clothes as he walks around campus. A crossing guard should follow him and stop traffic wherever he goes. Better yet, the offensive line should just carry him across the street.

Ricky Schultz, who is listed as Brown’s backup on the spring depth chart, is a transfer from Shepherd University. There is no sign of him ever throwing a pass there. Ever.

Danny O’Brien’s decision to transfer resonated in so many ways, but on Saturday, the Terps will truly realize the impact of that decision on the field. Brown started five games last year and his 574 rushing yards were a single-season record for a Maryland quarterback. Based on the sneak preview we’ve seen, though, he’s probably not the answer for Maryland’s offense -- especially with only two starters returning on the offensive line and a pedestrian group of wide receivers to work with. While highly touted recruit Stefon Diggs has the potential to be great, he’ll only be as good as those around him.

Sure, when this year’s recruiting class arrives on campus, the Terps will find their backup quarterback, but as of right now, no quarterback in the ACC is in more need of a bubble around him than Brown.