North Carolina reaction roundup

Lunch links will be here at their normally scheduled time, but I figured I'd compile reaction from Monday's biggest story in one spot here. To read all of our coverage of North Carolina's penalties, click here.

  • Ivan Maisel, ESPN.com: "Davis started out doing just what North Carolina hired him to do. He recruited some of the top players in the nation. No school had more players selected in the NFL draft last April than the nine Tar Heels, including five in the first two rounds. But three of those five -- defensive end Robert Quinn, defensive tackle Marvin Austin, and wide receiver Greg Little -- were suspended in this investigation and never played a down in 2010. That team, a preseason top-20 pick, went 8-5, which matched the Tar Heels' victory total in the previous two seasons. Davis went 28-23 in his four seasons. North Carolina went on probation Monday."

  • Dennis Dodd, CBSSports.com: "This case breaks a streak of six in a row by schools that have played in BCS bowls. At least, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Boise State, LSU, Georgia Tech and West Virginia could argue it was 'worth' it. All six of those programs have been decided since July."

  • Andy Staples, SI.com: "The North Carolina case actually provided more of a road map. Remember, for those who don't consider it an ethical decision -- this includes most of the people who can get rich off the deal -- the decision to break the NCAA's rules is a pure risk/reward calculation. The penalties handed down Monday proved once again that the reward is still far greater than the risk as long as coaches and athletic directors understand a few things from the outset. A program can spit all over the NCAA rule book in an effort to reach or remain at the highest echelon of college football, and as long as that program cooperates with the NCAA during the investigation of its alleged 'crimes,' the Committee on Infractions will respond with a suite of penalties that contain far more bark than bite."

  • Tom Sorensen, Charlotte Observer: "Most of the North Carolina graduates I know are ashamed of the program. They want to believe their school stands for something. They did believe that. They were wrong. The Tar Heels were Ohio State South, Miami North and Southern California East. Walk out of Kenan Stadium at the end of the Davis years – he was fired seven months ago – and you wanted to take a hot shower, but only after scraping the bottom of your shoes."

  • Luke DeCock, Raleigh News & Observer: "The decision to play in a meaningless bowl game under a lame-duck interim coach last year, instead of self-sanctioning in anticipation of an NCAA ban, will keep the Tar Heels out of a bowl this year, when all those extra practices might have meant something to [new coach Larry] Fedora. Not to mention the Tar Heels weren’t going to play in the ACC championship game last year, and now have no chance this year."

  • Caulton Tudor, Raleigh News & Observer: "But by waiting until after the Feb. 1 scholarship signing date to issue the bowl ruling, the NCAA’s bowl ban didn’t hurt Carolina’s recruiting this year. Had the ban been announced in January or earlier, it’s possible some of the signees might have gone elsewhere."