Clemmons: Rise of the female kickers?

On a July afternoon inside Famous Dave's BBQ restaurant in Fredericksburg, Va., David Turner decided to try again. Almost every day Turner, a 24-year-old bartender and shift supervisor, had nagged one of his co-workers, hostess and incoming Virginia Tech freshman Lauren Luttrell, about trying out for the Hokies football team.

Standing close to 5-foot-10, Luttrell had played soccer since she was 4 years old. During her four years at Spotsylvania (Va.) High School, she was the soccer team's corner kicker. Two of her soccer coaches were also on the Spotslyvania football staff and, early in her senior year, convinced Luttrell to try out for a spot on the team.

Luttrell made 11 extra points, and in one of the final regular-season games kicked a 31-yard field goal. She hadn't touched a football since the season's last game when finally, to silence Turner's repeated requests, she agreed to email the Virginia Tech athletic department.

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