Miller talks Miami career, pre-draft process

Miami's Lamar Miller stopped by ESPN.com earlier Wednesday to chat with fans on the eve of the NFL draft. The running back is a potential second-round pick this weekend. A complete transcript of his conversation is available here.

Some highlights ...

  • Tino (Ft Lauderdale): Was the possibility of getting hurt and possibly ending your career your main reason for coming out early?

  • Lamar Miller (3:21 PM): Not really. I know that RBs have a short lifespan. I think I put myself in a good position to get drafted. I just wanted to take my talents to the next level and live my dream.

  • James (IL): Which nfl team did you root for growing up?

  • Lamar Miller (3:23 PM): Growing up, I always rooted for the Cowboys because of Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin. Those are some guys I admired.

  • Kevin (CT): draft day plans?

  • Lamar Miller (3:28 PM): I will be at my mom's house. Some of my friends and family will be over. We'll watch it, play dominoes and cards until I get that phone call.

  • Kevin (CT): biggest ACC rivalries with FSU...what are those games like?

  • Lamar Miller (3:31 PM): Everybody gets motivated, no matter what the records are. Nobody wants to lose the rivalry game. Everyone brings their A game and brings it to the table.

  • Rodrigo (Miami): How does it feel to be the first 1000+ yard rusher at the University of Miami since 2002 when Willis did it? Thanks for making CANES NATION proud

  • Lamar Miller (3:32 PM): It was a blessing. That was one of my goals that I put out before the season. I wanted to get 1,000 yards. That was something that I worked hard to get. It was a blessing to be one of the only RBs to do that at Miami.