Calvin Johnson lands 'Madden' cover

Detroit Lions receiver and former Georgia Tech standout Calvin Johnson will grace the cover of "Madden '13," which is either a tremendous honor or the worst thing possible for Megatron, depending on your line of thinking.

Johnson beat out Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in a fan vote, which was announced Wednesday afternoon on ESPN2's "SportsNation."

Players from ACC schools have not been immune to the alleged "Madden curse." Michael Vick (Virginia Tech) and Ray Lewis (Miami) graced the 2004 and 2005 covers, with Vick fracturing his fibula in a preseason game and Lewis suffering a late-season wrist injury.

There is a silver lining, though: Vick and Lewis didn't actually play in the ACC when they were in college, so the conference is off to a fresh start.

Of course, we feel obligated here to take this time to remind you that football is a violent sport in which injuries often occur. (Well said, Mike Rosenberg.)