How the ACC has fared in recent drafts

Esteemed colleague Brian Bennett over at the Big Ten blog decided to sort through the last 10 NFL drafts and examine data from his conference. Given what awaits us at Radio City, I figured it's worth looking into similar numbers here in the ACC.

I went back through every draft from 2002 on, and I included Boston College, Miami and Virginia Tech players from the 2002-04 drafts for the purposes of this discussion, even though all were technically Big East players during their college careers. (I would've included then-Big East member BC for the 2005 draft as well, except the Eagles had no one drafted then.)

It should come as no surprise that Miami runs away with both the most first-round and the most overall draft picks during the last decade, as the Hurricanes simply dominated in the early part of this decade. Most of Florida State's picks came earlier in the 2000s as well. UNC, meanwhile, has had a great recent run in the draft.

In total, current ACC schools have had 361 players drafted since 2002.


Miami: 21

FSU: 10

BC: 7

UNC: 5

Virginia: 5

Georgia Tech: 4

NC State: 4

Maryland: 3

Virginia Tech: 3

Clemson: 2

Wake Forest: 2


Miami: 63

Virginia Tech: 46

FSU: 45

Clemson: 32

UNC: 32

Virginia: 31

Maryland: 26

NC State: 26

Georgia Tech: 24

BC: 19

Wake Forest: 16

Duke: 1

And, as a bonus, here's a breakdown of ACC draft picks over the last 10 years by position:

Defensive backs: 71

Defensive linemen: 70

Offensive linemen: 60

Linebackers: 54

Wide receivers: 37

Running backs: 30

Tight ends: 23

Quarterbacks: 10

Special teams: 6