Morris: Canes not worried about NCAA

Miami quarterback Stephen Morris said he and the players aren’t concerned about the highly-publicized NCAA investigation that is still looming over the program.

“Today was the first day I’ve been asked about it, and I told everybody, ‘We’re not worried about it at all,’” Morris told ESPN.com in a telephone interview. “I haven’t thought about it until today, when everyone was asking questions about it. Our vibe around here is championship, that’s the first thing we’re looking forward to, and we’re really not concerned about what the NCAA has to say about it. Our mindset is really set on one thing, and we’ll go from there, depending on what the NCAA has to say.”

Morris said the team hasn’t been given any indication as to when the program might get some closure on the matter.

“Our thing is, we’ve just been listening to coach [Al] Golden,” Morris said. “Coach Golden says everything will be OK. That’s what we’re going off of.”