Ultimate ACC road trip: Week 8


Welcome back to the ACC’s ultimate road trip. In case you’re just joining us, this series is your ticket to each of the best games in the ACC every week. These are the games that – if you had the money and the time – you would want to be at this fall. The season is still a long ways off, but here in the blogosphere, we’re already into Week 8:

Saturday, October 20

  • Boston College at Georgia Tech

  • Virginia Tech at Clemson

  • North Carolina at Duke

  • Florida State at Miami

  • NC State at Maryland

  • Wake Forest at Virginia

My choice: Virginia Tech at Clemson

Why: Florida State and Miami doesn’t quite pack the punch it used to, and what happened between Virginia Tech and Clemson last year makes this matchup a little more interesting. Few if any thought Clemson would beat Virginia Tech twice last year, let alone so convincingly both times – first during the regular season and then again in the ACC championship game. The Hokies scored a total of 13 points against Clemson last year. You would think the Hokies would be motivated by last year’s 0-2 record against the Tigers and redeem themselves, but this game is in Death Valley, and Clemson has a bye week to prepare for it. Those are two intangibles that shouldn’t be overlooked. The expectations are that both of these teams should again be contenders for the ACC title. Will the Tigers get in the Hokies’ way again? As an ACC fan, you’ve got to see a game in Death Valley, and this should be one you don’t want to miss.

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