Friday mailblog

Quarterback rankings? What quarterback rankings? Having a little fun today ...

Donald Dixon in Cherryville, N.C., writes: U r a freaking idiot for thinking Glennon will be #2 QB this coming year!!!!!

HD: R U a Tar Heel?

Ed Holmes in Palm Harbor, Fla., writes: When FSU wins the ACC and makes a BCS bowl you may have to rethink where you have my QB rated. That's all I'm saying.

HD: Thank goodness, I thought you were going to keep going ...

Joe in Georgetown, S.C., writes: I think you need to stick to softball sweetheart no way is Logan Thomas and Mike Glennon better than Tajh Boyd, Boyd won the championship and until someone else wins it he is the number 1 QB in ACC.

HD: Last year, Boyd threw two picks and no TDs in a 37-13 loss to NC State. Glennon threw three TDs and no INTs vs. Clemson. Thanks for lobbing that one to me.

Tim in Clearwater, Fla., writes: I was just wondering where, specifically, in the by-laws of the ACC that is says that only FSU and Miami can win national championships from the ACC? You and everyone else seem to blame them for the state of the ACC. People want them to lose but when they do they get blamed for not winning. Maybe everyone should start looking in the mirror and stop blaming 2 schools specifically. The whole conference has been a let down.

HD: First, the whole conference has not been a let-down. Virginia Tech is the only team in the country to have at least 10 wins in each of the past eight seasons. The league had two teams in BCS games last season. Second, FSU and Miami aren't the only programs from the ACC that can win national titles, but I will continue to argue that they would bring more recognition to the league than any other teams if they did. Quite frankly, I don't give a hoot which team it is. Clemson? Goferit. Virginia Tech? Be my guest. Duke? Good luck. Just somebody -- anybody -- get there.

Scott in Norfolk, Va., writes: Heather, love the blog ... i'm a die hard Clemson fan and i love the direction our team is going. i was just wondering do you think this is the year Swinny will beat Carolina? I swear if i have to hear another Gamecock fan call them self's the ACC champs, i might just lose it on them.

HD: Hard to say. You never know what will happen in a rivalry game, but I'll say this -- I think South Carolina is the better team right now.