Friday mailblog: ACC and the BCS

On Thursday, I asked you guys to submit your best and worst memories of the ACC and the BCS as we bid farewell to the old system (well, in two years, anyway) and welcome a four-team playoff. Thanks for playin'. Oddly enough, Virginia Tech got some love for both the best AND the worst of the BCS. Here's a sampling of your comments:

The good ...

Jose in Charlotte, NC writes: I would say the best is Virginia Tech's performance in the 2009 Orange Bowl against Cincinnati. It was the first ACC BCS win since '99 and the hokies played a great game on both sides of the ball: Forcing 4 interceptions on defense and Darren Evans rushing for 153 yards. The best moment of the game was the defense stopping Tony Pike on four consecutive QB sneaks at the goal line. I was at that game and it was just thrilling to watch.

matt in nyc writes: Sadly the runner up for best BCS moment (behind fsu in 1999) was VT's win over Cinci...ouch! Bring on the playoffs!

Not a Terp fan in Bethesda Maryland writes: ... The Best.... Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl! Without the BCS a great little program like Wake would never have made it!

Shaun in Leesburg, Georgia writes: The 2006 Orange Bowl was a great game. They say there is no such thing as a "good loss," but that was a game the ACC could be proud of. It was the 10-1 Big Ten Champions -- whom had just run rampant through their league -- going up against an 8-4 group that had backed their way into their league's inaugural championship game. The Seminoles put up a helluva fight en route to a triple-overtime loss. It was an instant classic!

Wayne in tallahassee, Florida writes: I think the best and worse of the BCS happened at the same time. 98-2000 when FSU went to three straight was probably the best of the BCS for the ACC. At the same time it is the worse as FSU lost two of those games, hurts me to say that too as I am a Nole.

The bad ...

Jeremy in Columbia, SC writes: Granted Clemson's defensive performance last year was quite embarrasing for the Tigers, but even worse for the ACC as a whole is the overall 2-13 record in BCS games fueld by FSU and VT's 1-5 performances.When all is said and done and the ACC looks back on the BCS, they will spend less time thinking less about Clemson's single game, and more time thanking the stars that the disastrous BCS era and the embarrassing conference record that went along with it has come to an end. So to answer your question: The worst thing about the BCS for the ACC as a conference? EVERYTHING.

Trenton Tovar in Nashville, TN writes: I think a close 2nd to the Clemson debacle was Stanford's thrashing of VT the previous year.

Brad in Clemson, SC writes: A very close second has to be VT vs. Stanford. At least Clemson put some points on the board. Clemson also gave up just one offensive TD longer than 30 yards. VT gave up 4

kevin in Memphis, TN writes: 2000 Miami BCS snub by FSU. A team they beat in the regular season. Worst. Could have been back to back titles for the Canes.

Steven in Huntsville, Alabama writes: Heather, I believe you got it completely right regarding the best and worst of the BCS for the ACC. I believe that Florida State set a standard with that wire to wire #1 championship season, which I believe still, applies today. They showed that if you are the favorite at the beginning of the season, prove all the way through and leave no doubt in anyone?s mind that you deserved it. I think that Clemson's loss to West Virginia was the absolute worse. When I first heard the score at half time, I thought it was a joke. I mean after the season they had, winning the ACC Championship game, and getting matched up with West Virginia, I thought the set up was excellent for the ACC. Well we know how that ended.