Friday mailblog

If only I had all the answers, I'd be the commissioner of 'em all ...

Steve Champion in Raleigh, NC writes: Rather than asking which team will be the first from the ACC to participate in the 4-team Football Playoff, I would ask how long it will be before the ACC has a team particpate in the 4-team Football Playoff.

HD: Good question, Steve. Considering the four-team playoff doesn't actually start until the 2014-15 season, it's hard to predict. If it began this season or next, I'd say Clemson, Virginia Tech and Florida State all have legitimate opportunities. Because we have to wait two more seasons, though, you're talking about an almost entirely new group of players and possibly coaches. Will Frank Spaziani even be at Boston College by the time the playoff rolls around? Randy Edsall at Maryland? With the way recruiting has been going at Clemson and Florida State, you'd think those programs are putting themselves in position to become national players. Virginia Tech is always in the conversation. If history repeats itself (since 2000), the ACC will have one or two contenders every five years or so.

Matthew in Boston, MA writes: Heather, I have a question about the dysfunction at BC. Spaz's reaction to your intervew a few months agoregarding the "health" issues with Kevin Rogers was bizarre at best and seemed to indicate much more to that story. Now Bruce Feldman is reporting that Spaz clearly crossed a personal line with Rogers. Why hasn't this whole story come out and what does BC have to gain by protecting an awful coach in Spaz?

HD: First, nobody but the guys at BC actually know the "whole story," and all I'm comfortable reporting in this space is what I just linked to from Spaz on the record. I don't lend much ink to rumblings or rumors. I asked Temple for an interview with Rogers, but he declined to talk about his departure from BC. Truth is, it doesn't matter anymore. The bottom line is that Spaziani needs to get the program back to a bowl game this year -- at least -- or his job should be in jeopardy.

bob hargrove in amarillo tx writes: i am really excited about larry fedora coming to north carolina what incentive do the tar heels have because the ncaa sanctions hurt!

HD: The players I've talked to this offseason don't seem to care about the postseason ban. They're competitors and just want to win the games they can win. As they should. There's no shortage of motivation in Chapel Hill.

Pale Dale in San Marcos, Texas writes: Simple question does Florida State have the best defense in the country???

HD: Hmm. LSU comes to mind quickly, too. The Tigers were No. 2 in the country last year in scoring defense behind Alabama and are loaded again. They've got two potential first-rounders in ends Sam Montgomery and Barkevious Mingo.