Vote: ACC's best and worst coaching jobs

There is no “easy” coaching job in the country. They’ve all got their perks and their roadblocks, some are just more pronounced than others. Every coach faces pressure to win. Which programs put their coaches in the best position to succeed?

If you had your choice, where in the ACC would you want to coach? (Don’t forget: You sign with the team, you get the fans, too.) Love Clemson? Good for you. Lose to South Carolina and you just might lose your job, too. Love Florida State? Gotta love it at least as much as FSU fans hate Florida.

Earlier this morning, we looked at the best and worst coaching jobs in the ACC. Virginia Tech got my vote as the best, and Duke came in last.

Now it’s your turn. Based off of this morning’s ranking, I narrowed your choices to five for each poll. Cast your votes now for the best and worst coaching jobs in the ACC.

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