UNC coaching job underrated?

In case you've been snoozing, today's theme has been about the best and worst coaching jobs throughout the country. My colleague, Mark Schlabach, compiled a list of the most underrated jobs in college football, and North Carolina was the lone ACC school to make the list.

This morning I ranked UNC as having the No. 7 coaching job in the league, but noted that it would be higher had the university not mucked up its reputation with an academic scandal. I can almost guarantee that when UNC was looking for a coach to replace Butch Davis, there were at least a few out there who didn't want to go near it. If it weren't for the scandal, the program would be at least No. 5 on the list of ACC's best coaching jobs, but I don't think you could ignore the black eye.

Larry Fedora has both a tremendous opportunity in Chapel Hill, and he has also inherited a bit of a mess thanks to his predecessor and the NCAA sanctions. Once he is able to move the program past what was an extremely tumultuous time, there's no reason he and his staff shouldn't be able to put together a consistent top-25 program.

Just as Schlabach mentioned, there is a lot of room for growth there, but they've got to do it the right way. The first step in moving forward was hiring a new coach into what could be considered one of the most underrated jobs in the country.