Butch Davis and his personal cell phone

This shouldn't be that complicated.

Former North Carolina coach Butch Davis wants his private cell phone records to stay private. He wants the numbers of his friends and family members to stay private. And they should.

The university and Davis' lawyer are arguing that all documents related to the NCAA investigation have already been released, and they are asking a judge to dismiss a public records lawsuit that has been filed by various media outlets.

Here's what needs to happen: Butch Davis needs to stand by his word and release any cell phone records pertaining to his job at the University of North Carolina. He also needs to protect his privacy and that of his friends, and redact any names and numbers that don't have anything to do with the university.

"Anything that has absolutely anything to do with UNC and business, those will certainly be completely open for public record," Davis said a year ago, according to the Herald Sun.

That was before he was fired.

Shouldn't matter. If Davis was using his personal cell phone for business-related purposes, those calls should be subject to investigation. There is no reason, though, for his personal life and phone calls to be turned over to the media. As interesting as that might be, we have to remember that Davis is a football coach -- not a public official. Davis' lawyer, Jon Sasser, makes a great point:

"Hundreds of bright, imaginative Duke students huddling in their tents in Krzyzewskiville would suddenly have the legal ability to bring the athletic departments at UNC and NCSU to a standstill," Sasser wrote. "Three students could ask for all of (NC State University football coach) Tom O'Brien's playbooks, game films and practice videos."

I know, I know, it's tempting. But it's much more appropriate to hold Davis to his word, and draw a line between business and personal.