Friday mailblog

Miami winning the ACC? The ACC overrated? BC relevant? I think the heat is getting to some of you guys ...

steven in miami writes: Heather,Really enjoyed your analysis and reporting of the ACC media days. However, I am a bit frustrated with the ACC/Orange Bowl tie in with others; Notre Dame in or out or partial, and of course playing other conferences in group football schedule.Do you have anything on this...seems all are going at a snails pace.Thank you,Steven

HD: Thanks for reading, Steven. Nope, all I know is what John Swofford has said, but he did say he hoped to have an answer for ACC fans in the near future. Frankly, I think the league has been moving fairly quickly lately. And who knows? It wouldn't surprise me in the least if the ACC knew exactly what it wanted to do with its Orange Bowl partnership and is waiting for the other half to commit to something. I do think the league would be smart to have an option other than Notre Dame. What if the Irish don't qualify? There has to be an attractive backup or some sort of a rotation.

Kyle Smith writes: Can you give UNC any cred? UNC had their own internal investigation and from that it was recommended that an outside source should point out areas for improvement. It should have happened two years ago? It's a process and UNC is handling it the right way. I'm tired of journalists bashing the university for senseless/trivial things. It will get done and UNC will improve, I am sure of it.

HD: Ahem -- senseless, trivial things? Where are we, the SEC? We're talking about academic integrity here, Kyle. You want to talk about a snail's pace? Good grief ...

Brandon Black in Johnson City, Tenn., writes: Why is it that last year everybody in the media was talking about Florida State like they were the team to beat, (but I being a lifelong Florida State fan), knew that we should be really good but that was a year premature, and now going into this year there is not near as much attention and everybody is selling on FSU's chances of a National Championship?? I just don't get it.

HD: Ahh, Brandon, stick with me. I said the same about the Noles last year and 2012. They've got a better chance to win a national title this year because they're a better team. I just don't think they're the best team in the country right now.

Neal in NYC writes: Heather: How was Tajh Boyd selected to the ACC Preseason All-Conference team ahead of Logan Thomas? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you reported that, in a separate vote, "Watkins edged out Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas by four votes for the [ACC's Preseason Player of the Year.]" To me, that sounds like the media thinks Logan is the 2nd best player in the ACC. How do you reconcile this seemingly inconsistent voting behavior?

HD: Well, I can't speak for the voters, Neal, all I can tell you is that in my quarterback rankings I have Thomas ahead of Boyd.

Brian in Tampa writes: Would you agree that the ACC is highly overrated?

HD: You're kidding, right? The fifth-best conference in the land? Overrated?

Delvin Wilson in Lakecity/FL writes: What chance do the miami hurricanes have of winning the acc?

HD: Are we talking now or 2015?

Mark Pauliino in Hamilton/NJ writes: Hi Heather!Do you think the Boston College Eagles football team has any chance of relevance this season? Doesn't look so to me. Also, do you see Clemson's blow-out at the hands of West Virginia last season as a positive or negative factor in determining this season's success. Keep up the great work!

HD: If by relevant you mean in a bowl game, then yeah, maybe. As for Clemson, that loss is going to haunt that program for a while. Dabo Swinney said at media days, "I'm not here to talk about the Orange Bowl." I don't see much positive coming from it, but I certainly don't think it's going to affect their season in a negative way. To them, it's as over as it's going to be.

Jacob in D.C. writes: What are your thoughts on the new allegations from Yahoo Sports that even Al Golden has committed recruiting violations at Miami? Which involves using Shapiro's accomplice Sean Allen.

HD: Truth? I would be shocked -- simply stunned -- if the NCAA were able to prove Golden committed recruiting violations. It just doesn't seem to be an accurate reflection of his character.