Countdown to kickoff: No. 23

Twenty-three more weekdays until NC State kicks off against Tennessee in Atlanta on Friday, Aug. 31. We’re counting down with 25 reasons to be excited about ACC football this year. This list features coaches, players, games, themes, position groups -- 25 things for you to look forward to.

The countdown to kickoff continues with …

No. 23: The last season before expansion. Enjoy it, ACC fans, because it won’t be the same again. That’s not to say the league won’t be better with Pitt and Syracuse joining in 2013, but this will be a special season if for no other reason than it will be an historic one in ACC history. This is the last fall the divisions will look the same, and it’s the last time the league will be playing an eight-game conference schedule, as it is moving to nine games next year. What you have now in the ACC is comfortable. It fits. Embrace it while you still can.