Countdown to kickoff: No. 21

Twenty-one more weekdays until NC State kicks off against Tennessee in Atlanta on Friday, Aug. 31. We’re counting down with 25 reasons to be excited about ACC football this year. This list features coaches, players, games, themes, position groups -- 25 things for you to look forward to.

The countdown to kickoff continues with …

No. 21: Larry Fedora. Look, I have to be honest -- it’s refreshing not to have to write about the “looming NCAA investigation” or the “possible sanctions” anymore. It’s so much more enjoyable to write about the fast-paced spread offense and the change to a 4-2-5 defense. Fedora has brought an energy to the program that had been sucked out by all of the off-field drama that has engrossed the program for the past two years. The players and coaches can now put the NCAA investigation behind them, move on, and play football. Despite the overhaul in staff and philosophies, expectations are high for Fedora in his first season. He has plenty of talent to work with. It will be an interesting season for all ACC fans to watch unfold.

No. 22: One of the nation's top rushing offenses

No. 23: The last season before expansion

No. 24: Brent Venables

No. 25: A fresh start at Maryland