Countdown to kickoff: No. 17

There are 17 more weekdays until NC State kicks off against Tennessee in Atlanta on Friday, Aug. 31. We’re counting down with 25 reasons to be excited about ACC football this year. This list features coaches, players, games, themes, position groups -- 25 things for you to look forward to.

The countdown to kickoff continues with …

No. 17: Unpredictability. So you think Florida State is just going to cruise through this conference schedule, huh? You think the Hokies are invincible in the Coastal Division? Then you haven’t been paying close enough attention to this league, a conference in which looks can be deceiving. Anyone remember Clemson-NC State last year? How about FSU and Virginia? Or Georgia Tech’s loss at UVa last year after a 6-0 start? The ACC gets knocked because it hasn’t produced a national title contender in recent years, but it doesn’t get enough credit for the parity within the league. Don’t be fooled -- FSU and Virginia Tech aren’t the only teams in the conference good enough to win the ACC title this year. NC State, Clemson, Georgia Tech and North Carolina could spoil their plans, not to mention lil’ ole’ Wake Forest. It should be another exciting race to watch unfold.

No. 18: ACC vs. Notre Dame

No. 19 Clemson's offensive playmakers

No. 20 The ACC's record chasers

No. 21 Larry Fedora

No. 22 One of the nation's top rushing offenses

No. 23 The last season before expansion

No. 24 Brent Venables

No. 25 A fresh start at Maryland