Q&A: BC quarterback Chase Rettig

Miami and Boston College open conference play right out of the gate Saturday in a huge contest for both teams. I had a chance to catch up with Boston College quarterback Chase Rettig to ask about the transition under new offensive coordinator Doug Martin, some of the injuries that have hit, and if this truly is a must-win game.

Now that you have had a spring and offseason to learn the offense, how comfortable are you feeling in it headed into the opener?

CR: I feel pretty good. We had a good spring, and we had a good summer. We’ve just been trying to work and prepare as much as possible to get to this weekend and hopefully everything can transition from the work we put in the offseason to our first game.

How does this offense suit your skill set?

CR: It suits my talents more mentally than anything else, just being able to go up to the line of scrimmage and put us into the best situation possible to have a good play. It gives me a little more freedom and lets me control what we run at the line of scrimmage.

What did you work on this summer to really get a good handle on the offense?

CR: Just learning a new offense, so I could be an extension of Coach Martin. The next thing was getting in shape and being as physically fit as possible. We had god workouts in the summer lifting and conditioning. Then, I also kept watching film on last year and to see how I can get better. Primarily, the biggest thing was learning this new offense.

You have had some injuries to key players, like receiver Bobby Swigert and tight end Chris Pantale. Who are you expecting to step up for them?

CR: All the receivers, I’m looking forward to them stepping up. Obviously Pantale is out, and we’ve had a bunch of different guys that have been getting reps, so I think everyone will be ready. Everyone had a pretty good camp, so hopefully everyone just steps up in the game. If we prepare hard enough like we have this week, then guys will step up and play well.

How about Alex Amidon? He seems to have had a good camp.

CR: He has a lot of experience under his belt. He played right away his freshman year, so his experience has played out for him really well because he’s an extension of our receivers coach out there. He’s like an energizer bunny. He’s always working really hard each route no matter if the ball is coming to him or not. He’s a hard worker and sets a good example for the other receivers on the team.

If there was one critique of yourself from last season, that you can take into this year, what would it be?

CR: Just to have more fun. There’s a lot of pressure put on the team last year I feel like. Sometimes you get so caught up in it, you forget you’re here to do well and obviously have fun. Sometimes, you’ve got to play with emotion, some enthusiasm and energy and just loosen up on the field and have a good time. That’s something we’ve done this summer.

You say there was pressure last year, but isn’t there also maybe more pressure this year to come back from a disappointing season?

CR: There’s pressure put on every team every year, but last year early on we lost a couple ball games and it just put on more pressure and that’s what led to that. There’s going to be pressure every season so just block that out and then play football and have a good time.

How huge would a win be in this first game, against an ACC opponent?

CR: It will be huge if we got a win the first game and obviously that’s what all our preparation is for. It helps ending last season really good, it gives you confidence. So I think we’re ready to play. I think everything will be all right if we just execute and do what we’ve been doing all summer and what Coach Martin’s taught us.

Must-win, then?

CR: Everyone looks at every game as a must-win. That’s why we play. Sometimes it doesn’t go our way and you just have to prepare yourself for both outcomes and hopefully the outcome is going to be a win.