Friday mailblog

There's a game tonight, in case you didn't know it.

Jesse Hinson in Clemson writes: Ok heather first off let me say love what your doing here and love your blog! but the one thing i cant understand is How the heck is Nuke hopkins not on your top 25??

HD: Truth? He was on it, until I convinced myself Wake Forest receiver Michael Campanaro is going to have a breakout year.

Ron in Huntington, N.Y. writes: Hi Heather! Maryland alum here. Any chance the Terps will be better this year. Can't get much worse than last year. Such a disappointing year. And now that CJ Brown is out for the year, the QB position seems very much in the air. Give me some hope here. Thanks!

HD: Well, you'd think that even with a true freshman quarterback they could win more than two games, right? Has to be better, right? Let's see what Perry Hills does against William & Mary this weekend. Maryland's roster is so thin right now the Terps are an injury away from being an FCS team. You're not looking at a bowl team, Ron, but hang onto hope for more than two wins.

Colby Wood in Pittsburgh, Pa., writes: Heather, I see you're like everyone else who's decided to jump on the Logan Thomas bandwagon. Give me a break. Did you see his performance in the ACC championship game, to a team that gave up 70 points 3 weeks later? Glennon and Boyd both deserve higher ranking than him. Everyone thinks he is the next Cam Newton. He's the next Tim Couch....

HD: Jumped on it? Please, I started it. Look, here's my prediction: More defenses start to figure out Boyd and drop eight into coverage. That means Clemson sure as heck better be able to run the ball this year, which means that O-line better get its you-know-what together. And Colby, you're from the Burgh. You should know more about quarterbacks.

Tim in Virginia writes: How does VT get mostly average recruits but change them into ten win teams? I am a die hard hokie, but even I know that's beating their odds.

HD: Maybe it's time the staff should get more credit for recognizing above-average talent when others don't. Also, those guys do a great job developing the talent they have and finding players who fit their needs.

Chris in Westfield, N.J., writes: Any word on the Orange Bowl/ND front?

HD: Nope. Checked with the ACC earlier this week, and it's status quo.

Jon Parker in Kershaw, S.C., writes: I was just wondering why people never say, "Pulling a Fla. St." Haven't they been favored almost every year to win the ACC or at least the Atlantic, but then fail to do it. How come Clemson always gets that label?

HD: HA! This one made me laugh. Great question.

Douglas Barlow in Atlanta, Ga., writes: If Georgia Tech beats Virgina Tech in the season opener, what is your bowl prediction for Georgia Tech and do you think they will make it to the ACC Championchip? What is your prediction for the Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech game?

HD: Yes, if the Jackets win on Monday night I say they win the Coastal Division, but I don't think they'll play in the Orange Bowl.

Kevin in Washington, D.C., writes: HD, can you please start talking about Tevin Washington when you talk about returning QBs in the ACC. He did account for 2639 total yards, 25 TDs, and a QB rating of 155 (second in ACC). That doesn't even account for his accuity when it comes to late pitches springing RBs for a lot of big gains.

HD: If Washington finishes the second half of the season the way he started the first half last year in regards to passing efficiency, more people will be talking about him. Washington has been a good quarterback and a leader for the Jackets and I expect him to be better this year, but until the passing game becomes consistently more efficient, he'll be stuck in the middle of the pack of this talented group of ACC quarterbacks this year.