ACC Friday mailblog

See you in Hooville ...

an old old wooden ship writes: Umm..is there any way the ACC can rescind Pitt's invitation?

HD: If I had a dollar for every time I got asked that this week, I could pay Pitt's exit fee -- from the ACC.

NewtonDT in Birmingham, Ala., writes: HD - As a Jacket fan, I have moved on from Monday night. Looking ahead, how important does October 6, 2012 look? Very possible VPISU is 5-0 going into UNC game (on 10/6), who could also be undefeated (if they take care of business against Louisville). Clemson could be undefeated or have one loss (FSU) before their game with my Jackets (on 10/6). Combined with the Miami vs. Notre Dame game in Chicago, 10/6 is going to be a huge week for the ACC, don't you agree?

HD: No doubt. You're right about the Hokies possibly being 5-0 going into the Carolina game, especially with how poorly Pitt is playing these days. Clemson shouldn't have more than one loss heading into the Georgia Tech game, and yeah, Miami-Notre Dame at Soldier Field will draw some attention, but let's see how the Canes fare leading up to that game. They could either be a huge surprise, or fall flat between now and then with games at K-State, at Georgia Tech and home against NC State.

Cody in Harrisonburg, Va., writes: How long until Sims takes over as the cavs starting quarterback?

HD: It never fails that the backup quarterback is always the most popular guy on the team. Michael Rocco, though, is the guy right now, and he deserves to be. He has been an effective game manager, and that's a good thing. He knows the system better than Sims right now because he's been in it longer. If Rocco isn't getting the job done, expect London to make a change. Until then, though, Rocco is your guy.

Henry Beach in Columbia, S.C., writes: Heather, being that you had Clemson on an upset alert most every game last season. I'm wondering if your trend of Clemson being on upset alert every week was going to continue. I mean why stop now!!!

HD: Henry, have you met the Tigers? They ARE on upset alert every week!

Rufus in Bowie, Md., writes: A 7 minute touchdown drive to take the lead with less than a minute left in the game, and still we lose: a very sad ending to the Ga. Tech game. But at least the defense seems better this year?

HD: Yes, Georgia Tech's defense did seem better. Honestly, though, I'd like to break down film with the coaches to see how much of Virginia Tech's struggles on offense were attributed to their own mistakes, and how much was caused by the Jackets. I would definitley agree, though, that Georgia Tech's defense looked better than it did a year ago.

Ryan in Fort Mill, S.C., writes: Heather,How would you grade the ACC's performance overall for week 1? Only 3 schools came away with loses, however 2 of those (GT & BC) were conference games so someone had to take the L. So besides NCST laying an egg on national television, I'd say it was a pretty solid week.Thanks

HD: I'd agree, Ryan. The league went 7-0 against nonconference opponents on Saturday, and NC State's loss to Tennessee was the lone loss overall. No FCS losses! I'd give the ACC a B in Week 1.

Richard in Hampton, Va., writes: Heather,When is the Logan Thomas bandwagon going to crash? Simply put he is an average QB, he doesn't show up against the best competition, and yet everyone still talks about him like hes Cam Newton or something. Heres a few stats from the big games (ECU, Clemson x2, GT, Michigan) in 2011. 71-132 passing which is 53%, pretty average. 917yds passing which is 183/game, pretty average. 4 TD's and 5 interceptions, less than average. Rushing he had 70 attempts for 200yds and 3 TD's, thats less than 3 yds per carry. I'm glad he can shred Arkansas State, Duke, and Marshall but so does everyone else. Can someone step up and say the truth, he is about the 4-5 best QB in the ACC.

HD: Richard I know there were a lot of fans who were unimpressed with Logan on Saturday night, but he had young guys all around him, and he was hardly the only one who made mistakes. Overthrew a few balls, yeah, but he got it done when he had to. I'd be surprised if he didn't play better this year than he did last. And Georgia Tech's defense deserves some credit, too.