Ranking the nation's best quarterbacks

Earlier today, I wrote a vote of confidence for Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas.

My mailbag is already filled with notes from fans who have written him off.

I'm not the only one, though, who thinks Thomas is still one of the nation's best quarterbacks. ESPN Insider Brock Huard ranked college football's top 10 quarterbacksInsider based on on-field production and NFL-caliber skills.

Logan Thomas is No. 5. Florida State quarterback EJ Manuel was the only other ACC rep on the list.

An excerpt:

Thomas is a physical anomaly (6-6, 260 pounds), with unmatched size and strength for the position, and he'll be viewed kindly among NFL scouts because of his measurables. These physical gifts don't matter just in terms of projecting pro talent, however; a passer with Thomas' physical tools is a matchup nightmare for college defensive coordinators, and a single rough outing like the one he had against the Panthers doesn't change that.