S.C. cop claims wrongful termination

ANDERSON, S.C. -- A local police officer claimed Thursday that he was fired for giving a speeding ticket to a popular college football coach -- fighting words in a state that takes its sports rivalries very seriously.

Officer Michael McClatchy issued a ticket to Clemson coach Dabo Swinney on Sept. 3 after he clocked him going 63 mph in a 35 mph zone in the city of Pickens, located in the same county and just 20 miles down the road from Clemson.

Word of the stop traveled fast as fans who recognized the coach and stopped to get his autograph shared the news on message boards and Internet sites. Their versions of the incident varied widely, with some saying Swinney had a meltdown and others alleging that McClatchy -- a fan of Clemson's bitter rival, the University of South Carolina -- had let his rooting interest cloud his judgment.

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